Credits and Transactions

The Texas A&M, NAACCR, NCI Geocoding System website keeps track of how much this service is being utilized on a per-organization, per-transaction basis. To do this, we maintain a system of credits and transactions. In order to use the services you must have a positive balance of credits associated with your account. Each time you use a service it is considered one transaction and one credit is deducted from your organization's balance.

Usage Fees and Rules

NAACCR Full Member registries may use this service according to the following rules.

Full Member registries

Full Member registries are initially allotted 1,000,000 credits. When all of these credits are used, an organization or member of that organization may obtain additional credits by filling out an application which describes the project and requesting that the NAACCR GIS Committee review their request for the possibility of an additional free credit allotment. Upon review, additional free credits may be granted at the discretion of the NAACCR Research and Data Use Program Manager.