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Service Usage

How much does it cost to use these services?

This service is provided as a service to NAACCR Full Member registries following the rules set forth on the usage rules page. Please contact us if you need more information.

What is the preferred citation for these services?

Our preferred citation is the following:

Goldberg DW. [Year]. Texas A&M, NAACCR, NCI Geocoding Services. Available online at Last accessed [Date].

What is the preferred link to these services?

Our preferred link is the following:

Texas A&M, NAACCR, NCI Geocoding Services

And in code:
<a href="">Texas A&M, NAACCR, NCI Geocoding Services</a>

Why do I get sent to the login page when I try to use a service?

The services are free of charge, but we do require that you sign up and/or log in so we can keep track of who is using what.

Uploaded Databases

What are the size limits for my data files?

Access Files

A good upper bound on the size of Access databases (mdb or accdb) is 5 MB. If you upload a larger file, you may get an error when you try to download it because the file will be too large to be read into bytes and streamed to you. This is a security feature we have implemented so that no one other than you will ever be able to download your database, but can cause this error.

Text/CSV files

The suggested delimiter for these types of files is tab. The reason for this is that it is common to have a comma within a single fields text. This can cause issues with the file validation if a text qualifier such as quotes is not properly applied.

Why is the preferred data file format?

The preferred file format is a delimited text file. The reason for this is that we create a temporary database for you and apply a unique index to the file which speeds up processing. This is not possible with access databases that are uploaded.

Why can't I use any batch processing services?

You have to upload one or more databases to process before you can use the batch processing services.

Why can't I see a database I've uploaded on the batch processing service pages?

You have to validate your databases on the upload page before your databases will be visible on the batch processing pages. This ensures that we are able to open and read your data.

Why isn't my data file validating?

This Microsoft Office page explains the basics of delimited text files. If you follow the guidelines listed for importing data into an Access database, your data should pass validation without any problems.

To avoid common mistakes, please ensure the following about your data files:

Rank File type Check
1 Text and CSV Make sure that your first row contains column headings
2 Text and CSV Make sure that your data values do not contain your separator character
3 Text, CSV, and Access databases (mdb, accdb) Try not to use spaces in file names, table names, and/or column names

Here are some pretty standard database guidelines
4 Access 97 Access 97 does not support the decimal datatype, so you will run into problems if/when you click on the auto generate button to create output fields in your database. Access 97 users will need to create the output fields before uploading databases for use in the batch processing.